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I worked with John as an out of state owner on a short sale of our condo in Brighton. I counted on John to be my 'boots on the ground', my eyes and ears at our condo every step of the way. John assisted with dealing with our tenant and assisted in finding the tenant a new place to live. He  coordinated with our property manager. He showed our property. He found the buyer. He followed up. He kept us in the loop. He tracked down signatures on endless short sale paperwork. He re-sent and re-sent document after document when our loan servicing company lost our documents or they didn't know that they had received what we sent in. He was always accessible. He asked the right questions. He persisted. He was diligent. He was patient. He was organized. He was efficient. He was always prepared. He never gave up. He went above and beyond with final paint touches by coordinating with his own contractor. This was an extremely long short sale process due to the loan servicing company's disorganization and many agents may have gotten frustrated and given up, but not John. At the 11th hour, when it looked like the buyer would walk away and the loan servicer would drag it out further... the bank came through, the approval came in and John closed the deal. I HIGHLY recommend John for anyone who wants to work with an agent they can trust to stay with a transaction, even an unnecessarily protracted short sale such as this... all the way to the end. John will get it done and get it done right.



Bill Laffin

John is very knowledgable, hard working and very, very effective in all aspects of buying and selling houses. He has sold two houses for me over the years with each deal being quite different from the next. He anticipated the market and demand very well, helped move each deal along at the right  pace and provided invaluable advice and showed the ability to help plow through potential hurdles while getting us to two closes that both buyers and sellers were very happy with.

He is constantly available and managing the sales process and took most of the headaches of selling a home off of our plates. He also drew a roster of qualified buyers to each deal, making our jobs as sellers very straight forward.

A great agent to work with.

Donald Greene